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Let's Cowboy Up is a West Texas cowboy story centered around Charlie, a single twenty-five-year ranch hand, who's a wannabe dreaming to climb up the "cowboy chain of command"
The Ranch Finder Presents Ronald H. Mayer, who:
  • has 40 years experience selling ranches throughout the West
  • has managed ranches in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, & California
  • currently owns a 12,000 acre ranch in Lincoln County, NM
  • operates Latigo Consulting Service on ranch management
  • is the senior accredited A.R.A. rural appraiser in the State of New Mexico
  • was past instructor for the New Mexico Realtor's Association on Farm and Ranch property for 11 years
  • was former Commissioner of Real Estate for the State of New Mexico
  • Two books written by over the Ranch Finder
No Cry for Help
A cowboy returns from war to find out there is a lot more to ranching than fixing fences & looking after cows.

See some of my current properties. If you haven't found the ranch you wanted, call the Ranch Finder and we, together, will find the right ranch at the right location and price. If requested, have credit card, will travel: let's meet and discuss ranching.

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